July 27, 2009
bdsm training

Daisy Marie has a big ol’ tanned ass that just cries for some bdsm training. It just sits there lookin’ all juicy and delicious and you can’t resist the temptation of binding her up for some bdsm training! It doesn’t matter which device you bind her up in, all that matters is that she’s there, bound up and ready for some bdsm training. Let her delicious looking ass and big jiggling tits be your target for torture! Slap those jiggling jugs and spank that big ass on Daisy Marie till it vibrates like a congo drum. Now pinch and poke her flesh as she tries to struggle to escape. She knows you’ve been only toying with her up to this point but now comes the real punishment! You use your whips and that magic wand of yours to tease her into a state of frantic ecstasy. She’s going to cum now that you’ve perfected your technique of bdsm training!

Whip that fat ass on Daisy Marie with your bdsm training tactics!

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July 20, 2009

This girl did not even know what she’s gotten into and here we see she’s fallen for some serious sexual torture fantasy action! She’s a cutie. Blonde, tight butt, nice tits and a sweet little pussy! You greet this babe into our facilities for sexual torture and she is happy to be here. You want to keep smiling because she has no freaking clue as to what’s about to happen. You give her the works. You bind her in all sorts of bondage devices and gag her so she can’t escape nor cry out. Now you begin your rock hard sexual torture fun. Spank her, pinch her, use clothespins, do anything you like to Scarlett Fay because she’s your slave. How about just standing there menacingly and teasing her as you move in and out on her to make her cringe in terror not knowing exactly what you’ll do next.

Vicious sexual torture fantasies with Scarlett Fay!

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July 13, 2009

Man, this chick Olivia Owens is a real glutton for punishment! This pretty brunette just can’t get enough of this bdsm torture thing! She is so adept at it that even after you’ve got her all bound up and swinging from this contraption. She’s all yours to play with like a cat does a mouse. You can use anything you come up with when you’re using some bdsm torture.

bdsm torture

Some people use the traditional mounted vibrator, magic wand, electrodes and even a spatula! You’ve got to get creative sometimes. Olivia knows she’s in for trouble and goes along as best she can but you’re giving her some spanks and lashes and her butt and pussy are red and swollen. You whip out the electrodes and she’s dripping pussy juice like a busted melon. Now she’s all yours and you can do anything to her. How about stuffing your cock into her vulnerable pussy or tight little ass? When you’re down with some hot bdsm torture you can do anything and Olivia Owens knows it!

Down for some bdsm torture? Come on in!

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July 6, 2009

This plump delicious looking brunette Claire Dames is one sweet big booty babe who graces us at the infamous lair of ours. You show up and it’s a mean session of bdsm torture that won’t be too nice. With her big tits and plump ass she sure makes it easy for you to apply the sinister clothespins and clamps.

bdsm torture

All that juicy titty flesh pinched by those clothespins. She takes a lot to get her bound just right but when you’re done you’ve got a deluxe package of bdsm torture that is the envy of dungeon masters all over. Go ahead and spank that fat tanned ass til it turns beet red. Then put more clamps on her tits, thighs, and ass. Grab yourself a vibrator and really get her going. With her restrained to the ultimate there’s no way she can fight back from your bdsm torture ritual. Talk about a bdsm torture session worth writing home about!

Delicious ass Claire Dames gives in to some bdsm torture!

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June 29, 2009

BDSM slave training is an art and a science. You have to do it right or someone could get hurt. In this case we luck out when redhead Sabrina Sparx stops by and we give her the business but good.

bdsm slave training

Before she knows it she’s gagged and restrained on the stockade and then sprawled out on the rack part of the stockade. BDSM slave training begins even more as we have her so spread eagle as to get deep into her shaved pussy with our mounted vibrator. She wiggles and tries to cry out but you’ve got her so well restrained there is no hope for her to escape. She must suffer her bdsm slave training! Watch as she oozes pussy juice to the point it moistens the pad she lies on and it causes her to slide about a bit but to no avail. Go ahead and play with her vulnerable vagina and tender titties. You are at the command of her bdsm slave training!

BDSM slave training with redhead Sabrina Sparx!

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