December 12, 2008

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Bound and blindfolded, Filthy Shaz waits alone. She cannot know what is to come, but she is right to be afraid.
Slaps and pinches, even a vicious little whip, might lead her to believe this will be playful, until she feels the razor sharp touch of the pinwheel, moving over her body, and digging painfully into the soft tender flesh of her cunt. A brutal cunt whipping has her crying in no time, and prepares her for the nightmare to come. .
A clothespin zipper tears across her whole torso, her tits are forced down onto thumbtacks, and there are plenty more tears and she is made to sit on the sharp tacks. Tied to a stool she might think the worst is over, as she is given a tremendous earth shattering orgasm, but before the waves have subsided her cunt is whipped and stung with vicious nettles. .
Fully defeated she sobs helplessly as needles pierce her nipples, and mournfully accepts her fate as more are casually jabbed at random into her face.
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This is not just another vanilla bondage site.
We specialize in true pain through ultimate domination of the female slaves. This means we take BDSM to the extreme level, while staying within legal limits. Our torturers do their best to bring you truly unforgettable bondage experience.
Watch horny sluts being gagged, tied, mercilessly restrained and left blindfolded in sexual pain.
The Pain Files
You must see the use of unique bondage devices, hot wax, needles, pussy sewing, extreme body art and much more!

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Strict Restraint

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